2023 ASUU Elections Packet

2023 Elections Packet

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2023 Filing Form

Elections Board

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The Elections Board organizes and oversees the annual ASUU Student Government elections. The Board strives to ensure a fair, transparent, and equitable elections process for all the candidates. It also works hard to encourage students to run in the elections and to vote during Elections Week. The Elections Board additionally helps with the transition process between ASUU Administrations and puts on the annual ASUU Inauguration.

Applications for Elections Board are open! Apply here:

Elections Board Application

Jake Jones



Elections Associate Director

From Start to Finish

In order to run as a candidate for ASUU Elections, you must be a currently enrolled student at the University of Utah. Certain positions have additional requirements, such as completed credit hours. More information on candidate requirements can be found in the ASUU Elections Packets, within Redbook (the ASUU Constitution), or on the filing forms themselves.

ASUU Election Results 2022

Election Results



All candidates must complete the ASUU Elections filing form for their desired race and pay a $5 filing fee (fee waivers available).



All candidates must complete a candidate training. All trainings, educations, and marketing requests must be submitted prior to the campaigning period.



Candidates will have the opportunity to campaign beginning February 8, 2021, and ending on the final day of voting, February 25, 2021.



Voting will be open from February 22-25, 2021. Elections results will be announced on February 26, 2021.

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Official Grievance Form