Together We Are ASUU

ASUUAs an enrolled student, you are automatically a member of the Associated Students of the University of Utah. ASUU is led and represented by students elected by you. We strive to provide much-needed resources and services to students, host events and programs, and advocate for students in our interactions with University administrators. We work to be a powerful, representative, transparent, and inclusive voice for all students who call the University of Utah home.

Emergency Student Loan

The ASUU Student Resources Board offers small (up to $500) ninety-day emergency loans to students in need. The loan is contingent on meeting the eligibility requirements of university lending policies. Each applicant will be reviewed by a committee and will be contacted as soon as possible. Upon submission of the form, the application will be reviewed by an ASUU student leader committee, SLI staff, Income Accounting staff, and Financial Aid staff to verify eligibility. Before ASUU student-leader review, applications will be de-identified to protect the privacy of applicants. No names, addresses, or uIDs will be associated with the application during ASUU student-leader review. Depending on the application, it may take up to two weeks to complete the verification process, and in most cases, much sooner. Once an application is submitted, please respond to emails and communication requesting an intake meeting from SLI staff. Please submit completed applications to info@asuu.utah.edu


Representing All Students

The ASUU Student Government, much like the United States federal government, consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. These branches work together to accomplish the varied functions of ASUU to serve the student body as effectively as possible


This branch is led by the ASUU President, Vice Presidents, and Chief of Staff, and it is composed of eleven boards.


The Senate is composed of 18 Senators representing the University’s colleges.


The Assembly is composed of 36 student representatives who are elected from each of the University’s colleges.


The judicial branch includes the ASUU Attorney General and the ASUU Supreme Court.

Creating a Culture of Advocacy


View the End of Year Report Here

Dear University of Utah Student Body,

The 2021-2022 ASUU administration is dedicated to being your advocate for better, lasting change, as students empowering students. Through our personal and professional experiences, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know the importance of improving campus accessibility, affordability, safety, and solidarity. The Wojciechowski Ticket is focused on elevating marginalized student voices to manifest structural change within student organizations and create coalitions for change on the University level.


We strongly believe in the collective power of the student voice and community. Our goals, passions, and action can be a powerful vehicle for critical change across the university. Our administration’s roles and visions were shaped by the student body, so our advocacy and line of work will always be student-centered and will aim to elevate students. By staying congruent and committed to our values, being open to collaboration, and solving controversy with civility, we can encourage a community of love and solidarity.  As we move into rebuilding a campus community that was fractured by a global health crisis, we will not forget what we have lost and how we have struggled, and we will continue our efforts to create a safe environment. Our beliefs are rooted in student advocacy, sustainable changes that build upon student needs and perspectives, and resilient infrastructure that allows for growth and improvement.

We feel extremely fortunate to be leaders of a strong campus community with passionate students. Breaking down student barriers to success would not be possible without the help of many student leaders across campus. Together, we can ignite the change we need here at the U. 

The 2021-2022 ASUU Presidency

Get Involved

There are a plethora of reasons to get involved with the ASUU Student Government. You can gain real-world managerial experience from leading a board, learn how to organize a major speaking event, and get to know University administrators—and the list goes on and on! In addition to gaining transferable professional skills, you’ll make lifelong friendships with the other ASUU student leaders, increase your prospects for getting a job or getting into graduate school, and elevate your University of Utah experience!

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