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As an enrolled student, you are automatically a member of the Associated Students of the University of Utah. ASUU is led and represented by students elected by you. We strive to provide much-needed resources and services to students, host events and programs, and advocate for students in our interactions with University administrators. We work to be a powerful, representative, transparent, and inclusive voice for all students who call the University of Utah home.

2023-2024 ASUU Presidency Vision Statement

"During our administration, student government will elevate and encompass all students across our campus community to ensure all students can be successful and comfortable at the University of Utah. We plan to work with campus partners and students to enact practical, feasible changes that improve our campus. We will promote positive change, collaboration with civility, and long-standing partnerships. We will strive to ensure students feel empowered to not only make their voices heard through student government, but to feel empowered every day to thrive in a vibrant campus community."

ASUU Presidency


Representing All Students

The ASUU Student Government, much like the United States federal government, consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. These branches work together to accomplish the varied functions of ASUU to serve the student body as effectively as possible


This branch is led by the ASUU President, Vice Presidents, and Chief of Staff, and it is composed of eleven boards.


The Senate is composed of 18 Senators representing the University’s colleges.


The Assembly is composed of 34 student representatives who are elected from each of the University’s colleges.


The judicial branch includes the ASUU Attorney General and the ASUU Supreme Court.

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There are a plethora of reasons to get involved with the ASUU Student Government. You can gain real-world managerial experience from leading a board, learn how to organize a major speaking event, and get to know University administrators—and the list goes on and on! In addition to gaining transferable professional skills, you’ll make lifelong friendships with the other ASUU student leaders, increase your prospects for getting a job or getting into graduate school, and elevate your University of Utah experience!

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