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Assembly Funding in NOW CLOSED for the 2023-2024 academic/fiscal year

2023-24 Funding Guidelines     2023-24 Travel Funding 

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) in good standing* with the department of Student Leadership & Involvement may apply for supplemental funding** from ASUU. These funds support student organizations with activities that expand involvement possibilities here at the U. The ASUU Assembly and the Student Body President review requests from Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). 

College Student Councils (CSCs) may also request funding from ASUU. The ASUU Senate and Student Body President review requests from College Student Councils (CSCs). 

For general questions about ASUU funding, please contact the Finance Director. 

The process for RSOs and CSCs begins on Campus Connect through your organizations finance tab. All requests must comply with this year’s General Funding Guidelines. 

* Good standing refers to an organization maintaining its requirements for recognition including completion of all required training and keeping the Campus Connect profile updated. 

** Funding from ASUU is available by reimbursement only. 

ASUU will not be financially liable for any expenses it chooses not to fund or reimburse. All entities seeking ASUU Assembly or Senate funding assume full financial responsibility, including any fees and/or interest incurred. 



Assembly Process

Recognized Student Organizations can apply for funding by submitting a Budget Request under the Finance tool of the organization’s Campus Connect profile. Please contact an Assembly Representative if your organization requires assistance with submitting a request or understanding the legislative process. For a list of deadlines, please see the Assembly Schedule.

Assembly Schedule

Travel Funding

ASUU Travel Funding is now available for the 2023-2024 academic year. Students and organizations are encouraged to seek supplemental funding opportunities from other sources if available. To learn more about potential funding opportunities, students could consider speaking with staff members in their academic college's Dean's office. Please email asuufunding@asuu.utah.edu with any questions.


Spending Allocated Funds

Assembly and Senate funding from ASUU is available by reimbursement only. A reimbursement is only possible with an approved allocation from ASUU. If an allocation is approved, an email will be sent with instructions on how to request a reimbursement. 


Other Sources of Funding

It’s impossible for ASUU funding to cover every expense. Student Organizations, no matter their classification, are expected to generate funding on their own through fundraising, collecting dues, or applying for other monies on campus. For more information about fundraising resources, please see the Organization Resource Group (ORG).