Student Organization Funding

Student Organization Funding

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) in good standing with the department of Student Leadership & Involvement may apply for supplemental funding from ASUU. Good standing refers to an organization maintaining its requirements for recognition including completion of all required training and keeping the Campus Connect profile updated. This funding is to support student organizations in their ability to host events, travel to conferences or competitions, and contribute to student involvement at the U.

Student organizations that are eligible for funding can submit budget requests in one of these categories:

  • General Expense—for general resources, like copies and advertising
  • Travel—for organization trips to conferences, competitions, or events
  • Event Services:
    • For bringing guest speakers/artists/performers to campus;
    • Services such as rentals, technology, interpreters, etc.; and
    • Hosting events that include the campus community

Two student organization funding processes depend on the nature of the request. The ASUU Assembly receives funding requests for General Expenses and Event Services while the ASUU Travel Committee allocates all traveling funding. For general questions about ASUU funding for student organizations, please email

As you plan your funding request, please take a look at this year’s Financial Guidelines and complete the online ORG Finance Training.

2021-2022 Financial Guidelines   Org Finance Training Coming Soon

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Assembly Process

Recognized Student Organizations can apply for funding by submitting a Budget Request under the Finance tool of the organization’s Campus Connect profile. Please contact an Assembly Representative if your organization requires assistance with submitting a request or understanding the legislative process. For a list of deadlines, please see the Assembly Schedule.

Assembly Schedule

Travel Funding

Similarly to Assembly funding, student organizations may submit a budget request for RSO travel under the Finance tool of the organization’s Campus Connect profile. Expenses eligible for reimbursement include airfare, transportation (rail, lyft, uber, taxi) lodging (including one night before the event and one night following the event), conference registration, and poster printing. Funding from travel is deducted from the overall cap of ASUU funding per student organization. Student organizations may receive up to $600 per fiscal year per student; however, the actual allocation per student may be lower depending on the volume of applications per travel cycle.

It is important to note that student organizations are required to apply for travel funding in advance of their travel dates during particular windows. Please pay special attention to the Travel Schedule for more information on the deadlines and windows.

For more questions regarding the travel process, please contact the ASUU Finance Director


Spending Allocated Funds

Except for Sponsored Organizations, all ASUU funding is on a reimbursement basis only. Once approved in either process, student organizations are encouraged to contact the ASUU Finance Board about correctly submitting documentation for reimbursement. While there is an online component on Campus Connect, all original, physical receipts must be turned into the ASUU office in-person within 30-days of the point-of-sale date on the receipt.


Other Sources of Funding

With more than 575 Recognized Student Organizations, it’s impossible for ASUU funding to cover every expense. Student Organizations, no matter their classification, are expected to generate funding on their own through fundraising, collecting dues, or applying for other monies on campus. For more information about fundraising resources, please see the Organization Resource Group (ORG).

General Funding Guidelines


General Funding Guidelines



Instructions to enroll

Finance Training