Executive Branch

Executive Branch

The ASUU Student Government’s presidency and eleven boards help oversee many of the resources, programs, initiatives, and events that the ASUU Student Government runs. Below is a brief description of each board.

ASUU Presidency

The ASUU Presidency is composed of the Student Body President, the Vice President of University Relations, the Vice President of Student Relations, and the Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff is additionally supported by the Deputy Chiefs of Staff. The ASUU Presidency is tasked with both representing the student body to the University administration and overseeing the executive branch to ensure operational success.

Ephraim Kum


Mihali Sergakis

Chief of Staff

Michelle Valdes

Vice President of Student Relations

Don Ly

Deputy Chief of Staff

Ayana Amaechi

Vice President of University Relations

Academic Affairs Board

Academic Affairs is the bridge between university committees and administration and the student body. Any student can serve as a member of our board and learn more about how policies and decisions are made here at the U! If you want to serve on a University Committee, fill out the application on Campus Connect or join the board and we will let you know as new positions become available! Become a part of shared governance at your university.

Kailtin McLean

Academic Affairs Director

Moira Gray

Academic Affairs Associate Director

Campus Events Board

The Campus Events Board brings high-quality concerts, films, speakers, and performing artists to the University of Utah campus. These events provide students with free entertainment, insightful dialogue, and open discussion from a trustworthy source.

Andrew Stender

Campus Events Director

Amy Newman

CEB Concerts Chair

Shilpi Kharidia

CEB Tradition Chair

Brock Coleman

CEB Associate Director

Abigaile Schroader

CEB Concerts Vice Chair

Nora Mostaghimi

CEB Traditions Vice Chair

Hallie Martinez

CEB Films Chair

Sophia Lowry

CEB Speakers Chair

Diversity Board

The Diversity Board’s primary mission is to provide a platform of support to those underrepresented in the student body. The intention of the board is to normalize an inclusive environment by providing and sponsoring a variety of symposiums surrounding diversity. The Board acknowledges the intersectional identities each individual holds and vows to continuously learn and be receptive to the needs of the underrepresented students at the University of Utah. The Board promises to be a resource of education as well as an example for participation towards a more inclusive and socially informed environment.

Ermiya Fanaeian

Diversity Director

Krystal Bustamante

Diversity Associate Director

Cherifa Bassa

Diversity Associate Director

Elections Board

The Elections Board organizes and oversees the annual ASUU Student Government elections. The Board strives to ensure a fair, transparent, and equitable elections process for all the candidates. It also works hard to encourage students to run in the elections and to vote during Elections Week. The Elections Board additionally helps with the transition process between ASUU Administrations and puts on the annual ASUU Inauguration.

Torri Peck

Elections Director

Kiki Hudson

Elections Associate Director

Finance Board

The Finance Board oversees and helps administer the ASUU budget. In addition to helping each incoming ASUU administration develop and pass their budget, the Board helps the other executive branch boards spend their money in a fiscally responsible and sustainable way. The Board also works with the ASUU Assembly and Senate Treasurers to set financial guidelines and procedures, which helps the legislative branch to responsibly and appropriate their allocated budgets.

Finn Reinemer

Finance Director

First Year Council

First Year Council is designed to help first-year students have a successful and impactful first year at the University of Utah. FYC is dedicated to informing first year students about the resources available to them on campus in an effort to integrate them into the campus community. FYC is also designed to foster leadership and team building skills. Each year, FYC is comprised of about thirty students who will help meet the needs of other first year students on campus, serve the student body, build essential skills for being successful during their time at the University of Utah, and, most importantly, find a network of friends that allows them to make their first year experience amazing!

Erin Morgan

First Year Council Director

Avy Thind

First Year Council Associate Director

Government Relations Board

The Government Relations Board is engaged in various aspects of local, state, and national politics. The Board is committed to informing, involving, and connecting students with any civic opportunities available to them. The Board plays an especially active role in registering students to vote, educating students about political candidates and topics, and lobbying for University of Utah students during the annual Utah legislative session

Sydnee Kay

Government Relations Director

Lauren Harvey

Government Relations Associate Director

Marketing Board

The Marketing Board market and brand all events, initiatives, and programs that are organized by the ASUU Student Government. The Marketing Board designs and distributes marketing materials for general marketing campaigns and for specific events hosted by different boards. This marketing helps to promote events, outreach to the student body, and highlight current initiatives.

Sanila Math

Marketing Director

Melissa Regalado

Marketing Associate Director

Sydney Nielson

Marketing Associate Director

Nolan Phan

Marketing Associate Director

Arielle Lupo

Marketing Associate Director

Alejandra Caceres

Marketing Associate Director

Student Immersion and Outreach

The Student Immersion and Outreach Board strives to meet the needs of the University’s students who are over the age of 25, married, have children, are pursuing a graduate degree, are veterans, are returning students, and/or are international students. The board provides programs and resources that help make student life easier and more enjoyable for these nontraditional populations. The goal of the Board is to be a presence of support and community for nontraditional students. Whether that is through connecting students to various services or getting involved in activities and events, the Board aims to make the nontraditional student experience here at the University a rewarding and memorable one.

Adrian Porras

Student Immersion and Outreach Director

Tracey Mai

Student Immersion and Outreach Associate Director

Student Resources Board

The Student Resources Board is dedicated to being an outlet for students in need. The Board advocates and provides resources for all students in need of unbiased assistance, including: legal referrals, emergency loans, University of Utah academic and behavioral issues, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, renter’s issues, food insecurity, and miscellaneous advice. Providing a safe and private environment for all students seeking resources, student advocates will work to solve problems in-house and connect students with organizations in order to allow them to make the University of Utah a more conducive educational environment. The Student Resources Board also organizes and maintains all UCard-associated discounts at local businesses.

Shelby Cattani

Director for the Student Resources Board

Zahra Saifee

Student Services Vice Chair for the Student Resources Board

Elnaz Tahmassebi

Student Resources Associate Director

Jaina Lee

Wellness Chair for the Student Resources Board

Trevor Jensen

Student Services Chair for the Student Resources Board

Olivia Kavapalu

Wellness Vice Chair for the Student Resources Board

Sustainability Board

The Sustainability Board as a part of ASUU takes a robust approach in improving the University’s sustainable practices at all levels.  We strive to provide all students an equal opportunity to adopt sustainable practices by providing resources and hosting events such as Recycle Rice Eccles and Earth Week.  We also work in tandem with University officials to implement and outline large scale university efforts towards a more sustainable future.

Alex Farley

Sustainability Director

Rebecca Hardenbrook

Sustainability Director