Our 2020-21 ASUU Administration believes that all problems students face on our campus are rooted in a lack of access. Accessibility: When speaking about student issues, we must first find the most prominent barriers keeping students from accessing success. Then, and only then, will we be able to implement solutions regarding these issues.



We believe that one of the largest barriers to success on our campus is the lack of access to safety. Safety not only in a traditional sense, but as well as, the individual safety of each student. This includes student well-being and the ability to thrive both physically and mentally. We look to implement tangible solutions for giving students access to safety in every way. This responsibility requires looking at disenfranchised areas of campus and focusing our efforts on students generally being left out of the conversation. We hope to work directly with university administration to foundationally change the student experience so that everyone here at the University of Utah feels secure.


We believe that access to an affordable student experience is one of the most important parts of higher education. When students are forced to focus their energy on finding ways to fund their own experience and education, they are unable to succeed to the fullest degree. We look to give students resources to break down the barrier to affordability by communicating resources to scholarships, personal money management, and other funding opportunities. We believe that taking away the high cost of college creates avenues for students to succeed.


Here at the University of Utah, we want to create a home for students to feel connected to. We look to give students the chance to find a community within our avenues of involvement, education, and among their peers. We believe that students simply need the chance to connect. We want to break down the barriers of connectivity by communicating opportunities, working on parking/other transportation barriers, and finding ways to bring us all together to engage in community building. We want to move towards President Watkin’s goal of “One U.” Together, as a team, we want to connect with each other and our campus.