AdvocacyAdvocacy & Transparency

The 2019 - 2020 ASUU administration is focused heavily on authentic advocacy. This year we have revamped effective ways for students to have their voices heard such as the Student Leadership Council, the Student Commission, and additional open forums in a town hall series that launched this October. ASUU has also focused on transparency by providing consistent and detailed updates by answering media requests regularly, beginning to publish monthly newsletters on Campus Connect, and making information about ASUU initiatives and happenings more widely available and accessible.


Ensuring that students have increased access to mental health care while on campus is a priority for ASUU. We are working to lower initial wait times to see a counselor by expanding the services the Counseling Center offers, and hosting a series of workshops in collaboration with the Counseling Center that will be open to the campus community. We are also in the process of developing the curriculum for mental health awareness trainings that all ASUU leaders will undergo this Spring. Additionally, ASUU is working with the Center for Student Wellness to create more opportunities for students to receive flu shots, STI and HIV testing.


Within the realm of student involvement, the Presidency has allocated an additional $25,000 to student organization funding, and have collaborated with the Legislative Branch of ASUU to make funding processes more stream-lined, student-friendly, and accessible. ASUU directors are intentionally focused on producing exciting, advocacy-geared events that enhance student-life. ASUU, along with the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement and the Organizational Resource Group have invested in a more user-friendly and versatile student involvement platform called Campus Connect.

Campus Connect allows students to more easily find opportunities, promote their student organization, and track their involvement during their time on campus. Throughout the rest of the year, ASUU will be working to develop more resources for student organizations and late night campus programming.

Campus SafetyCampus Safety

Within the realm of campus safety, ASUU has been working heavily with the Campus Safety Taskforce to implement their recent recommendations. More specifically, we hope to work on a mandatory training policy for students, faculty and staff, and implement that policy by the end of year. Additionally, the Presidency is focused on coordinating with the Title IX Office and the Center for Student Wellness to find ways to improve reporting procedures and resources for survivors of assault and harassment, creating a culture of safety and support for students.

The Presidency has been intricately involved in planning and executing the activities of SafeU Month, working with administrators to ensure that the conversation of safety is inclusive of student voice and input. The ASUU Presidency plans to gather data on student feelings about safety, and formally communicate campus safety solutions to the university administration.

DiversityEquity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Presidency has made it a priority to build bridges with communities on campus that have not historically been represented in ASUU, with the goal of making ASUU a better reflection of the students it serves. ASUU has made internal strides to make leadership positions more accessible to non-traditional and graduate students, appointing many to be students-at-large on university committees. Additionally, a focus has been put on empowering more student parents to complete their education by allocating more funds to the Center for Childcare and the School Life Scholarship.

We are also making concerted efforts to partner with the Dream Center, the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs, and other resource centers that support marginalized students. Looking forward we hope to spend more resources supporting undocumented and DACA students at the Univeristy of Utah, as well as work with the Dean of Students Office to create a regular campus climate study on diversity and inclusion. ASUU will also be working on implementing a mandatory diversity education policy. Based on a recommendation from the Campus Safety Task Force, we hope to create a yearly training policy to keep students, faculty and staff abreast of the latest topics and changes in diversity discussions.