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The Wojciechowski administration is hiring Executive Cabinet positions for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Please note the deadlines to apply: July 23rd, 11:59pm

Campus Events Board Marketing Associate Director

Campus Events Board Concerts Vice Chair

Campus Events Board Speakers Vice Chair

Campus Events Board Films Chair

Diversity Board Associate Director



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Board Descriptions

The number of Associate Directors/Chairs varies depending on the board and may be subject to change. Please refer to Redbook for further clarification.

The purpose of the Academic Affairs Board is to coordinate and represent students in all academic matters, with an emphasis on academic advising and success. The board will work extensively in training and facilitate Student Advisory Committees, appointing students to university committees, facilitating the Student Choice Award, and coordinating all aspects of Geek Week.

Associate Director – Associate Director(s) for Academic Affairs aid the Director of Academic Affairs in organizing SAC trainings, Geek Week, Teacher and Student Choice Awards, and reviewing University Committee applications during the summer.

The Campus Events Board (CEB) is ASUU’s source for major event programming. The board oversees programming in four areas: Concerts, Films, Speakers, and Special Events. CEB collaborates with other entities, including but not restricted to student groups, campus offices, and academic entities to provide an array of educational, social, and enriching programs and events on campus. CEB is also responsible for creating innovative ideas to increase student participation and collaboration with ASUU.

  • Associate Director – Associate Director(s) for the Campus Events Board is responsible for assisting the Director of the Campus Events Board in expanding the role of the board, carrying out administrative functions, and developing marketing strategies, among other tasks.
  • Campus Traditions Chair – The Campus Traditions Chair oversees programming and executing events that deal specifically with University of Utah special events and traditions including Homecoming, Game on the Green, and Masquerade at the Museum. The Campus Traditions Chair also has significant freedom to create new events for ASUU.
  • Concerts Chair – The Concerts Chair is responsible for planning and executing all items related to Redfest and other concerts, including artists, sponsorships, contracting, artist selection, venue coordination, and production.
  • Films Chair – The Films Chair is responsible for selecting, purchasing, and executing film showings to the student body, including outdoor film events, the Free Film Series, and developing and managing a relationship with the Sundance Institute (the organization that puts on the Sundance Film Festival).
  • Speakers Chair – The Speakers Chair works to program and execute speaking events that educate and entertain the student body, including comedic, motivational, inspirational, program-based, or educational speaking events.

The Campus Relations Board serves as the link and contact to ASUU for all groups and organizations both large and small on campus. The board will be the source of information for all groups to retrieve and gain access to ASUU resources. In addition to coordinating the Campus Forum multiple times each semester, the board will collect information to continually update the ASUU Calendar and roster of registered student groups. The board will act as the liaison between student groups and ASUU. This board will also be dedicated to working with satellite campuses across the state and reaching out to students of these campus locations.

Associate Director – Associate Director(s) for the Campus Relations Board aids the Director of Campus Relations in maintaining constructive relationships with student groups. This includes executing Plazafest in the fall and spring, helping student groups through the Assembly process, and expanding ASUU’s role as an organization that supports all student groups.

The Diversity Board is responsible for helping create a safe environment on campus and within ASUU where people from all backgrounds feel comfortable and represented. By providing resources that meet the various needs of diverse populations, the board will acknowledge and work to end oppression and inequality through micro- aggressions on campus. The board will collaborate closely with other campus agencies and organizations designed to help meet the needs of all types of students while encouraging respect and acceptance. The board will also provide programs and resources that educate and promote inclusiveness, social justice, diversity, and ability on campus.

Associate Director – Associate Director(s) for the Diversity Board aids the Director of Diversity in student outreach and facilitating conversations on diversity with students on and off of campus. Responsibilities include reaching out to student groups about events, dialogues, and forums; attending events as ASUU liaisons and representatives; gathering input and feedback from students on campus about what kind of resources, programming, and dialogues they want student government involvement in; and engaging students from diverse backgrounds to become involved in ASUU through open houses and board member positions. Each AD makes a personal goal to maintain membership in at least one student organization on campus that they identify with for coalition and bridge building. They also hold seats on planning committees with other departments on campus to give student feedback on events pertaining to diverse issues.

The Elections Registrar is responsible for administrating the ASUU election process. The duties of the Elections Registrar include but aren’t limited to recruiting campaigns, promoting voting, ensuring that voting is available to all students and investigating violations of election code. An election committee and a financial auditor will also be needed in the spring semester and there will be a separate application for these positions.

Associate Director – The Deputy Elections Registrar assists the Elections Registrar in maintaining campaign-related documents and facilitating elections in general.

(Note: Due to pending legislation, applications for the Finance Board will not be open until later this month, at a date yet to be determined) The Finance Board oversees and helps administer the ASUU budget. The board will approve all expenditures and advise the ASUU Senate and General Assembly on the distribution of student funds. The accurate and insightful management of this board can play a major role in securing funding for all of ASUU’s activities. Precision in accounting, as well as wisdom, foresight, and creativity, are essential characteristics for members of this board.

Associate Director – Associate Director(s) for the Finance Board assists the Director of the Finance Board in approving expenditures and allocating funding by serving as a liaison to both Assembly and Senate. Proficiency with Excel and an eye for analytical data are extremely helpful in this position.

The Government Relations Board leads the effort of lobbying the state legislature in the interest of the students of the University of Utah and higher education in general. The board is responsible for educating and mobilizing the student body in their lobbying efforts and in raising political awareness on campus. In addition, this board will have a focus on voter registration and education of the political process.

Associate Director – Aids the Director of Government Relations in lobbying the state legislature for student interests, raising political awareness on campus, providing recommendations to the Executive Cabinet, and encouraging students to be civically engaged, among other tasks.

The Marketing Board is responsible for the design, execution, and help in distribution of all ASUU programs, services, and events. The board also provides marketing services for all student groups on campus. The board should plan and implement non-traditional marketing campaigns to effectively communicate and inform all students of events. Effective members will need to be punctual, reliable, and creative in this challenging undertaking of informing the entire student body of the programs, events, and services provided by ASUU.

Associate Directors – The Marketing Board runs with the help of a number of associate directors who aid in the following areas: Design, Distribution, Social Media, and Photography/Videography.

The Community Service Board will be responsible for utilizing the resources of ASUU to effectively examine and implement community service projects /initiatives on campus. The board will collaborate extensively with the Lowell Bennion Community Service Center to promote involvement and awareness of community service projects on and off campus.

Associate Director – Aids the Director of Philanthropy and Service in creating events and raising funds for both philanthropy and service.

The Student Advocacy Office is dedicated to providing service to students by supporting their interests, creating awareness of rights, and acting as a resource for student concerns. The office is staffed entirely by informed and trained student advocates who can direct students to a community organization or legal counsel for further assistance if needed.

Associate Director – Aids the Director of Student Advocacy in helping act as a resource for student concerns and supporting student interests.

The Student Immersion and Outreach Board will be focused on helping to meet the needs of students who are one or more of the following: 25 years of age or older, married/domestic partners, have children, are pursuing a graduate degree, are international students, are veterans. The board will work to provide programs and resources that help make non-traditional student life easier and more enjoyable.

Associate Director – Aids the Director of Student Immersion and Outreach in engaging and involving non-traditional students through support, programming, and the like.

The Student Services board provides and advocates for services that benefit students with an emphasis and focus on career development, student discounts and tutoring. The board will work closely with career services, restaurants around the community, ASUU tutoring center and other organizations to work on enhancing the University of Utah experience for students.

Associate Director – Associate Director(s) of Student Services will network with local businesses to procure discounts for students. Additionally, they will reach out to and maintain a constructive relationship with the Food Pantry and Career Services.

The Sustainability Board will be responsible for not only promoting but educating students on the campus sustainability program. The board will collaborate closely with the Office of Sustainability and the different environmentally focused student groups. This board will also be charged with the task of investigating the possibility and potentiality of expanding sustainability efforts on campus, including recycling vending machines and promoting/increasing public transportation. This board will also be a leader in collaborative and lobbying efforts towards clean air at the University and State level. In addition, this board may be in charge of continuing the efforts of the Recycle Rice-Eccles program and the Recycle Huntsman program.

Associate Director – Aids the Director of Sustainability in any tasks that may be prescribed, maintains relationships with relevant or interested student groups and University departments.


Assembly Representative

College of Cultural and Social Transformation, College of Fine Arts


College of Social Work

University Committee Student

University Committee Student-at-Large (various committees)