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Presidency Member Term Limit – Bylaws V § 3 (1.8)

Presidency Member Term Limit – Bylaws V § 3 (1.8):

Redbook Section in Question:

Redbook Constitution or Bylaws?: Bylaws

Redbook Article: V

Section: 3

Clause: 1.8

Requestor Information:

Name: Milan Subotic

Position/Affiliation: ASUU Director of Finance

Chair Email: msubotic@asuu.utah.edu



Question (Be as specific as possible):

Can an existing member of the presidency re-run for a different position in the presidency the following year?

For ASUU Office Use Only:

Attorney General:

Angelina Ho

Text Section in Question:

“The offices of the President, Vice President of University Relations, and Vice President of Student Relations shall hold a one-term limit.”


An existing member in the presidency may not run for any position in the presidency again, but they may run for or be appointed to other positions in ASUU after completing their term.