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Legislative Special Sessions – Bylaws I.I § 3 (3.13) & Bylaws I.II § 4 (3.2)

Legislative Special Sessions – Bylaws I.I § 3 (3.13) & Bylaws I.II § 4 (3.2):

Redbook Section in Question:

Redbook Constitution or Bylaws?: Bylaws

Redbook Article: I.I

Section: 3

Clause: 3.13

Redbook Article: I.II

Section: 4

Clause: 3.2

Requestor Information:

Name: Jack O’Leary

Position/Affiliation: Student Body President

Email: joleary@asuu.utah.edu



Question (Be as specific as possible):

I wanted to request an official Redbook interpretation request regarding the ability of student leaders to call special sessions of the assembly or senate or if there is an ability or cause to call a special joint session. Specifically, I would like to know who has the ability to call such special sessions and what regulations need to be followed per Redbook.

For ASUU Office Use Only:

Attorney General:

Angelina Ho

Text Section in Question:

Under Assembly Chair duties: To notify Assembly Representatives of any and all special meetings at least seven (7) days prior to any such meeting.

Under Senate Chair duties: To be responsible for calling the meetings of the Senate and notifying the Senators of regular meetings at least thirty (30) days in advance unless otherwise approved by a majority vote of the Senate.


Special sessions of the Assembly and joint sessions of Assembly and Senate fall under “special meetings” that the Assembly Chair may call. They must give at least 7 days notice before calling
these special meetings.

The Senate Chair calls all meetings of the Senate, therefore they have the ability to call special sessions of the assembly or joint sessions of Assembly and Senate. They may do so without any specified time of prior notice.