Bylaws I § 2 (2.1) Interpretation

Bylaws I § 2 (2.1) Interpretation:

Redbook Section in Question:

Redbook Constitution or Bylaws?: Bylaws

Article: I

Section: 2

Clause: 2.1

Requestor Information:

Name: Mitch Kirkham

Position/Affiliation: ASUU Assembly




Question (Be as specific as possible):

If two students are both runners-up for a seat and recevied the same number of votes, which student should be offered the seat first? Should the legislative body’s Chair interview them if they’re both interested in filling the seat?

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Attorney General:

Cole McCubbins

Text Section in Question:

“Vacancies of any Assembly or Senate seats should be filled by the runners-up in the most recent College elections in descending order until the position is filled.


Both students should be offered the position at the sametime. If one desires to take the seat andthe other does  not, the student who would like the seat should fill it. If both desire to take the seat, the winner should be decided by fair and random chance (e.g. a coin toss). Should the seat become vacant againin the same academic year, the student who was offered the seat but did not fill it should be offered the position again. If neither student desires the seat,the next runners-up from the most recent College elections should be offered the seat as per standardprocedure.

The legislative body’s chair should not interview these studentsnor decide who will get the seat, just as they should not interview other runners-up in position to fill a vacant seat