Campus Event Board Committees – Bylaws II.I § 3 (7.1)

Campus Event Board Committees – Bylaws II.I § 3 (7.1):

Redbook Section in Question:

Redbook Constitution or Bylaws?: Bylaws

Redbook Article: II.I

Section: 3

Clause: 7.1

Requestor Information:

Name: Jack O’Leary

Position/Affiliation: ASUU Student Body President

Chair Email: joleary@asuu.utah.edu



Question (Be as specific as possible):

In many past years, the CEB Board has had a committee and chair position for a films board, to put on films related events. However, it is not enumerated in redbook that CEB must have a
films board and the CEB director would rather turn this into a special events committee. Does the above stated clause in redbook allow the CEB director to do this?

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Attorney General:

Angelina Ho

Text Section in Question:

“For the purpose of planning additional events, the Campus Events Director may create no more than three (3) additional Committees, each comprised of one (1) Chair, one (1) Vice Chair, and at-large board members as necessary.”


There is no direct mention of the Films Board under Campus Events, therefore it is not required. This statement allows the Campus Events Director to create any additional three committees they consider necessary. The names and purposes of the boards are up to the Campus Events Director to decide each year as they deem fit.