Bylaws IV § 14 Interpretation

Bylaws IV § 14 Interpretation:

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Redbook Constitution or Bylaws? Bylaws

Article: IV

Section: 14

Clause: N/A

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Name: Kaitlin McLean

Position/Affiliation: Chair of the Committee on Student Affairs




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Can members of the Committee on Student Affairs vote via electronic media?

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Cole McCubbins

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Because electronic voting may bepermissible for the Assembly, Senate, and Supreme Court, it logically follows that it ispermissible for the Committee on Student Affairs as well.This voting should only take place at the discretion of the acting Chair of the Committee on Student Affairs. In general, in-person voting should be seen as preferableand electronic votingshould be used only in extenuating circumstances.

Should voting via electronic media take place, guidelines already enumerated in Redbook for electronic voting in other bodies may be used for reference.