Attorney Voucher Program

Attorney Voucher Program

What is the Attorney Voucher Program?

The ASUU Student Resources Board connects students to a free, 30-minute session with a professional lawyer to gain legal advice. This consultation with a professional can help inform students which direction they should take in the event that they need to pursue legal action. We currently have expertise in Contract, Landlord/Tenant, Debt Collection, Real Property Issues, Divorce, Family, Simple Estate Planning, Construction Issues, and Business/Commercial law. If you are uncertain whether your legal issue lies within these, still reach out! We will assess your needs and set you up with an attorney who can help.

What can I expect if I use the Attorney Voucher Program?

The process of using the program is very simple! All you need to do is send an email to the Chair of Student Services, Cloe Butler (email below), and we will get some information from you and connect you with an appropriate attorney. We will need your name, UNID, and a brief description of your legal issue.

What kinds of legal issues can you help me with?

We can assist you with legal issues ranging from tenant disputes to divorce. You may also use the 30 minute consultation if you have questions about how to fill out paperwork. Reach out to us, and we will be able to assess your issue and connect you with the right attorney.

Who are the attorneys?

The attorneys that participate in our program are Utah lawyers that each specialize in different areas of the law. We are currently working on finding more attorneys to represent additional legal issues.

Who is eligible for the program?

In order to qualify for this free program, you need to be an undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Utah.

Who can I contact about the Attorney Voucher Program?

You may contact Cloe Butler, the Chair of Student Services of the Student Resources Board of ASUU (email below).

What do I do next?

To use the Attorney Voucher Program, contact Cloe Butler (email below), providing your name, your UNID, and a brief description of your legal issue. We will set up a meeting via Zoom or on campus to discuss your issue. You will then be connected with an attorney who can help.

Who is on the Student Resources Board?

Cloe Butler, She/Her

Chair of Student Services

Zoe Steur, She/Her

Vice Chair of Student Services